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About the small things on life #1

Totally took this idea by Papershoe (Watch out! German)

So this post is about the small things on life that makes me incredible relaxed and happy ♥

 Using a new beauty product  Summer storm and feeling the rain  listen to “500 miles” or “Mr. Brightside” and sing along  Work out  Chatting with friends   the taste of cold water after work out  shouting weird random noises and moving my arms to it while walking through the hall   the sound of the fan  quoting stuff and feeling smart  my nose-bridge piercing  sound of raindrops   fashion posts  silence in my head  playing 3DS  collecting ideas for future projects  starting projects  finish a project  the feeling of clean teeth  looking at fanarts on  my wall smell good odours on others   the taste of noodles  melon pans by cielolei  opening a new bottle of soda, water or any other stuff to drink  thinking about stories I want to write  to tell about the stories  people they are interested in this stories  stories 


What’s gone with that boy, I wonder?

If you remember my last Comic maybe you wondered who that guy was? It’s long ago I drew a picture of him. He is only 17 (A BABY!   ) and so I really tried to draw him younger

This isn't Tom Sawyer! I swear! It is Zachary a.k.a Zack!

This isn’t Tom Sawyer! I swear! It is Zachary a.k.a Zack!

The weekend starts! Today workout at the fitness center, tomorrow will be chill, sunday all day playing Hyrule Warriors and watching “I’ll be here” – Kyoukai no Kanata the Movie.

What are your plans for this weekend? 


First d.o i.t y.ourself !

Last Month Mia posted a great Do it Yourself Ear-piercing…Holder? With CANVAS!
It looked easy and pretty cute so I thought: WHY NOT?


You should totally check it out if you want to make one too: DIY on Inkredible.us

Thanks for reading. Love you all! xxx