OC Patch Part 1

All my Characters of the Fantasy Epos "Aeternum Kafkaesk"

All my Characters of the Fantasy Epos “Aeternum Kafkaesk”

For the page “Original characters” I start to draw new character pictures. Stay tuned for the next patch ♥ ♥ ♥
Which headshot is your favorite? Mine is Kains :0a:

Hush little baby

Ceres age of seven.

Ceres at the age of seven.

For Escapist I have to exercise kiddos. It is hard but same time a cute challenge =D

Henrys first time went a little like this

Everybody who had already sex or at least masturbate had at least once a really embarrassing moment, so to put a bit fun in my OC Pages you can read there worst sexual scenario ! :1b:

"Shouldn't you be hard now?" "I don't know..." "Are you impotent?"

“Shouldn’t you be hard now?”
“I don’t know…”
“Are you impotent?”

Probably you noticed the smilies are gone, they aren’t gone I’m just to stupid to put’em back into the comment section :3f:

“Everybody says you are a men when you had your first time. This is bullshit!
You are a men as soon you have a beard you don’t have to shave off.”
– Rick from Space Radio

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