I’m just your problem (Part 1)

Well… I’m just your problem,
It’s like I’m not even a person, am I?
– Rebecca Sugar: I’m just your problem

From the first draft to simplify to the end result

From the first draft to simplify to the end result

To change style it takes years, I know that, but I think my progress will be smoothly since I work already 3 years for it…
And yes Ceres redesign finally matches my personaly evolution.

There is a point in your life, were you notice that your OC’s aren’t anymore close to you… like…character treats. Character do evolve like you do. If you keep clinging they will just push you back and you won’t ever be able to finish anything…

lots hugs

Break a wall instead of open a window

After my post, someone stand up for me and suddenly everything is great. I am so happy.
My Room – who I always sort out when I am in stress – is clean and so empty, love it!

Together with my new life, a new year and great friends around myself, I start to experience a more cartoon-like style.

Have a nice week or day everyone, lots of love ~~ :0a:

Ceres got a redesign I had for months when not years in mind =D

Ceres got a redesign I had for months when not years in mind =D

I need an open window

After I had to watch over my nephew for two weeks – I love him but he is indeed life-energy sucker – I got sick, than migrane and now my eyes are hurting like boiled eggs. My eye-doctor said I have to wait two weeks! TWO WEEKS.
And then all of sudden my table breaks. (And he was one expensive bastard – never again!) now I am cleaning my room and selling lots of Mangas, Wigs, Cosplay Stuff… everything to fix my budget for my moving out plans…
But finding an apartment is like asking for a helping hand at tchernobyl.

On the bright side I finished two games: Diablo 3 and Life is strange. Both games you actually can’t really “finish” but I did for the “first time” so it counts.
The last time the mainchara hit me that hard was by Attack on Titan.
I usually dislike maincharacters because they are maincharacters. It’s a weird childish thing I do. But in LiS there is no chance I could ever hate anybody in this game. Of course except the antagonist.

So tell me fellas, what’s up in your life?

Art is coming. I promise. Just not now.

So have a WIP

So have a WIP

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